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Think you have the skill and vision to be a part of our future? For opportunities in our Corporate Office or Shipboard opportunities, please select a department below.
Important Notice: Recently, we have been made aware of fraudulent advertisements that have appeared in the classified section of newspapers in certain markets around the country concerning cruise ship employment.

The advertisements, which are part of an employment scam, provide a fax number and e-mail address where applicants can send a resume to apply for a shipboard job position. Applicants are contacted via telephone, advised that they have been hired by Carnival Cruise Lines, and asked to wire money to cover the cost of a "uniform deposit," which is then pocketed by the perpetrators of the scam.
Please be advised that these fraudulent ads are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines. We encourage interested persons to apply directly to Carnival Cruise Lines by following the instructions on this web-site for the specific position being offered.

Shipboard Recruiting

Employment opportunities aboard the Carnival "Fun Ships".

Destination Shopping Specialist

Shipboard Golf

Shipboard A/V Media
Shipboard Medical

Shipboard Casino
Shipboard Spa/Beauty/Fitness

Shipboard Entertainment
Shipboard Photographer

Shipboard Gift Shop

Corporate Recruiting

Thank you for your interest in careers with Carnival Cruise Lines. To view job opportunities click here

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